/hahr"veuh steuhr/, n.
1. a person who harvests; reaper.
2. any of various farm machines for harvesting field crops.
3. an orange-brown butterfly, Feniseca tarquinius, the larvae of which are predacious on aphids.
[1580-90; HARVEST + -ER1]

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      in farming, any of several machines for harvesting; the design and function of harvesters varies widely according to crop. See binder; combine; corn harvester; cotton harvester; header; reaper; thresher; windrower. See also entries for particular crops (e.g., hay, for hay-cutting equipment).

 any of a group of predatory insects in the gossamer-winged butterfly family, Lycaenidae (order Lepidoptera), that are rapid fliers and are distinguished by iridescent wings that are usually brownish above and spotted below. The male's forelegs are reduced, but the female's are fully developed.

      Harvesters are distinguished by their predatory habits during the larval stage. The squat, hairy larvae of Feniseca tarquinius, known in some areas as wanderers, attack aphids and are generally found on hawthorn and alder trees. It is the only species of harvester found in the United States.

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