/hak"ber'ee, -beuh ree/, n., pl. hackberries.
1. any of several trees or shrubs belonging to the genus Celtis, of the elm family, bearing cherrylike fruit.
2. the sometimes edible fruit of such a tree.
3. the wood of such a tree.
[1775-85, Amer.; var. of HAGBERRY]

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 any of several trees of the genus Celtis, with about 70 species in the hemp family (Cannabaceae), that are valued for their wood or for ornamental qualities. They are distributed primarily in temperate and tropical areas.

      The eastern North American tree called hackberry, or nettle tree, is C. occidentalis. It has bright green elmlike leaves, which often have three prominent veins arising from the base of the blade, and edible pea-sized purplish-black fruits attractive to birds. The bark is sometimes covered with wartlike bumps. Of easy culture, it is often planted as a street tree, attaining heights of from 12 to 30 metres (40 to 100 feet). Mississippi hackberry, or sugarberry (C. laevigata), is a shorter tree native to moist soils of central North America.

      The Mediterranean hackberry, or European nettle tree (C. australis), is an ornamental that has lance-shaped, gray-green leaves and larger edible fruit. Some West African species produce valuable timber.

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