grandiosely, adv.grandioseness, grandiosity /gran'dee os"i tee/, n.
/gran"dee ohs'/, adj.
1. affectedly grand or important; pompous: grandiose words.
2. more complicated or elaborate than necessary; overblown: a grandiose scheme.
3. grand in an imposing or impressive way.
4. Psychiatry. having an exaggerated belief in one's importance, sometimes reaching delusional proportions, and occurring as a common symptom of mental illnesses, as manic disorder.
[1830-40; < F < It grandioso < L grandi(s) grand + -osus -OSE1]
Syn. 1. pretentious, extravagant, flamboyant, splashy, high-flown. 2. GRANDIOSE, SHOWY, OSTENTATIOUS, PRETENTIOUS all refer to conspicuous outward display, either designed to attract attention or likely to do so. GRANDIOSE and SHOWY are alike in that they may suggest impressiveness that is not objectionable: the grandiose sweep of the arch; a fresh bouquet of showy zinnias. GRANDIOSE, however, most often implies inflation or exaggeration to the point of absurdity: grandiose, impractical plans; a ridiculously grandiose manner. SHOWY sometimes suggests a meretricious gaudiness or flashiness: a showy taste in dress.
OSTENTATIOUS, which refers to behavior or manner clearly designed to impress, also has negative connotations: an ostentatious display of wealth; an assumption of superiority too ostentatious to be ignored. PRETENTIOUS, like the preceding term, is always derogatory, implying falseness or exaggeration in claims made or implied: natural and straightforward, not pretentious; pretentious language designed to mask the absence of real content.

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