exogenism, n.exogenously, adv.
/ek soj"euh neuhs/, adj.
1. originating from outside; derived externally.
2. Bot.
a. (of plants, as the dicotyledons) having stems that grow by the addition of an annual layer of wood to the outside beneath the bark.
b. pertaining to plants having such stems.
c. belonging to the exogens.
3. Path. (of a disease) externally caused rather than resulting from conditions within the organism.
4. Biochem. of or noting the metabolic assimilation of proteins or other metabolites, the elimination of nitrogenous catabolites being in direct proportion to the amount of metabolites taken in.
5. Geol. exogenetic (def. 1).
Also, exogenetic (for defs. 2-4).
[1820-30; EXO- + -GEN + -OUS]

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