ethyl ether

ethyl ether
ether (def. 1).

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also called  diethyl ether 

      well-known anesthetic, commonly called simply ether, an organic compound belonging to a large group of compounds called ethers; its molecular structure consists of two ethyl groups linked through an oxygen atom, as in C2H5OC2H5.

      Ethyl ether is a colourless, volatile, highly flammable liquid (boiling point 34.5° C [94.1° F]) with a powerful, characteristic odour and a hot, sweetish taste. It is a widely used solvent for bromine, iodine, most fatty and resinous substances, volatile oils, pure rubber, and certain vegetable alkaloids.

      Ethyl ether is manufactured by the distillation of ethyl alcohol with sulfuric acid. Pure ether (absolute ether), required for medical purposes and in the preparation of Grignard reagents, is prepared by washing the crude ether with a saturated aqueous solution of calcium chloride, then treating with sodium.

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