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  • Tube Rescue — In IRB racing, Tube Rescue is a competitive event that simulates the act of rescuing a patient with the use of a flexible foam rescue tube.It consists of a driver, crewperson, and patient. In this race, two buoy s are positioned 25 metres apart… …   Wikipedia

  • Cronulla District Lifesaver Rescue — The Offshore 2 Rescue Boat responding to a rescue in Bate Bay. The Cronulla District LifeSaver Rescue Service was founded in 1968 by Surf Life Saving Australia. The Service forms an integral part of Sydney s Emergency Rescue Network and is on 24… …   Wikipedia

  • Mass Rescue — In IRB racing, Mass Rescue is a competitive event that simulates a rescue in which more than one patient. is in trouble. Hence, it requires more than one trip back to the buoy to complete the rescue.The Mass Rescue consists of two patient pickups …   Wikipedia

  • Halyard — In sailing, a halyard or halliard is a line (rope) that is used to hoist (pull up) a sail, a flag or a yard. The term Halyard comes from the phrase to Haul yards . Halyards, like most other parts of the running rigging, were classically made of… …   Wikipedia

  • Cob — Contents 1 Places 2 People 3 Things 4 Animals …   Wikipedia

  • Surfboat — A surfboat is an oar driven boat designed to enter the ocean from the beach in heavy surf or severe waves. It is often used in lifesaving or rescue missions where the most expedient access to victims is directly from the beach. The boat building… …   Wikipedia

  • Crewman — For the utility vehicle, see Holden Ute. Crewman is a generic term for a crew member of an aircraft, naval vessel, military unit, or team of professionals attempting to accomplish a goal. In some science fiction (most notably Star Trek), Crewman… …   Wikipedia

  • Sailor (disambiguation) — A sailor is a crewperson on a ship or boat. The word sailer refers to a sailing vessel rather a person who sails.Sailor may also refer to: *Sailor, a person able to, or engaged in operating a wind powered vessel or sailboat – (a person who is… …   Wikipedia

  • Surf Rescue — In IRB racing, Surf Rescue is a competitive event requiring only one driver, a crew and the patient. This race simulates the most basic form of rescue, that is to pick up a single patient in trouble.The race starts with the boat positioned on the …   Wikipedia

  • IRB driver — In IRB racing, The IRB driver is in control of the boat, and is responsible for the boat and the crewperson up front. Not only does he have to look after the crew, himself and the boat, he has to concentrate and judge the surf. The driver s job… …   Wikipedia

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