/dooh shahn"beuh, -shahm"-, dyooh-/; Russ. /dooh shun bye"/, n.
a city in and the capital of Tadzhikistan, in the SW Russian Federation in Asia, SW of Tashkent. 493,000. Formerly, Dyushambe (before 1929), Stalinabad (1929-61).

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formerly (until 1929) Dyushambe (1929–61) Stalinabad

City (pop., 1998 est.: 513,000), capital of Tajikistan.

It lies on the Varzob River in southwestern Tajikistan. It was built in the Soviet period on the site of three former settlements, the largest of which, Dyushambe, was a part of the khanate of Bukhara; the old city suffered severe damage during the Soviet takeover in 1920. In 1924 it became the capital of the new Tajik Autonomous S.S.R., and rapid industrial and population growth followed. An important transport junction, it accounts for much of the country's industrial output.

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also spelled  Dušanbe , formerly (until 1929)  Dyushambe , or  Diushambe , or (1929–61)  Stalinabad 
 city and capital of Tajikistan. It lies along the Varzob (Dushanbinka) River in the Gissar valley, in the southwest of the republic. It was built in the Soviet period on the site of three former settlements, of which the largest was named Dyushambe (Tajik dush, meaning “Monday,” its bazaar day). Dyushambe was for long a part of the khanate of Bukhara (Uzbek khanate), and it suffered severely in the fighting that followed the overthrow of the emir by Soviet troops in 1920. In 1924 the site was chosen to serve as the capital of the new Tajik Autonomous S.S.R. (from 1929 to 1991 Tajik S.S.R., thereafter Tajikistan), and rapid industrial and population growth followed. The planned city has wide, straight, tree-lined streets, large public buildings, and several squares and parks. Except in the centre, most of the buildings are one-story because of the danger of earthquakes. The summer heat is mitigated by breezes from the mountains to the northeast.

      An important transport junction, Dushanbe accounts for much of the republic's industrial output. The city's light industries include a large textile combine and plants producing automatic looms, electric cable, and domestic refrigerators. The city houses the Tajik Academy of Sciences (1951), the Tajik State University (1948), and medical, teacher-training, agricultural, and polytechnic institutes, as well as embroidery workshops; there are also several theatres. The population is predominantly Russian and Tajik; other nationalities include Tatars and Ukrainians. Pop. (1991 est.) 582,400.

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