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  • counterclaimant — noun One who makes a counterclaim …   Wiktionary

  • counterclaim — counterclaimant, n. n. /kown teuhr klaym /; v. /kown teuhr klaym /, n. 1. a claim made to offset another claim, esp. one made by the defendant in a legal action. v.t., v.i. 2. to claim so as to offset a previous claim. [1775 85; COUNTER + CLAIM]… …   Universalium

  • County of Ribagorza — The County of Ribagorza or Ribagorça (Catalan: Comtat de Ribagorça, Aragonese: Condato de Ribagorza, Latin: Comitatus Ripacurtiae) was originally the independent creation of a local Basque[citation needed] dynasty, later absorbed into the Kingdom …   Wikipedia

  • SCO v. Novell — is a lawsuit brought by the SCO Group against Novell. After the SCO Group initiated their Linux campaign, they made several statements that they were the owners of Unix, probably meaning (though never explicitly said) that they were the owners of …   Wikipedia

  • counterclaim — /ˈkaʊntəkleɪm/ (say kowntuhklaym) noun 1. a claim set up against another claim. –verb (i) 2. to set up a counterclaim. Also, cross claim. –counterclaimant /kaʊntəˈkleɪmənt/ (say kowntuh klaymuhnt), noun …   Australian English dictionary

  • counterclaim — [kount′ər klām΄; ] for v., also [ kount΄ər klām′] n. an opposing claim, esp. one by a defendant against a plaintiff s claim in a lawsuit vt., vi. to present as, or make, a counterclaim counterclaimant n …   English World dictionary

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