/derrt/, n.
1. any foul or filthy substance, as mud, grime, dust, or excrement.
2. earth or soil, esp. when loose.
3. something or someone vile, mean, or worthless: After that last outburst of hers I thought she was dirt.
4. moral filth; vileness; corruption.
5. obscene or lewd language: to talk dirt.
6. Informal. gossip, esp. of a malicious, lurid, or scandalous nature: Tell me all the latest dirt.
7. private or personal information which if made public would create a scandal or ruin the reputation of a person, company, etc.
8. Mining.
a. crude, broken ore or waste.
b. (in placer mining) the material from which gold is separated by washing.
9. do (someone) dirt. See dirty (def. 15).
10. eat dirt, Informal. to accept blame, guilt, criticism, or insults without complaint; humble or abase oneself: The prosecutor seemed determined to make the defendant eat dirt.
[1250-1300; ME dirt, drit; c. ON drit excrement; cf. OE dritan]
Syn. 6. scandal, slander, rumor, scuttlebutt.

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