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  • Carl Olof Cronstedt — Carl Olof Constedt the elder (3 October 1756 – 7 April 1820) was a Swedish naval commander responsible for the overwhelming Swedish victory at the Second Battle of Svensksund, one of the largest naval battles in history. He is often better… …   Wikipedia

  • Ágoston Pável — Ágoston Pável, also known in Slovenian as Avgust Pavel (around August 28 1886 Cankova, Kingdom of Hungary, today in Slovenia – January 2. 1946 Szombathely, Hungary) was a Hungarian Slovenian writer, poet, ethnologist, linguist and historian.… …   Wikipedia

  • corespondent — [kō΄ri spän′dənt] n. [ CO + RESPONDENT] Law a person charged with having committed adultery with the wife or husband from whom a divorce is being sought corespondency n …   English World dictionary

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