Carbonarism, n.Carbonarist, n., adj.
/kahr'beuh nahr"ee/; It. /kahrdd'baw nah"rddee/,, sing. Carbonaro /-nahr"oh/; It. /-nah"rddaw/. Europ. Hist.
the members of a secret political society in the early part of the 19th century, active in Italy, France, and Spain.
[1815-25; < It, pl. of carbonaro charcoal burner < L carbonar(ius), equiv. to carbon- (s. of carbo) charcoal + -arius -ARY]

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(Italian dialect: "Charcoal Burners") Members of a secret society (the Carbonaria) in early-19th-century Italy.

Advocating liberal and patriotic ideas, the Carbonari favored constitutional and representative government and aimed to protect Italian interests against foreigners. They helped lead the unsuccessful revolts of 1820 and 1831 and were gradually absorbed into the Young Italy movement. Their influence prepared the way for the Risorgimento.

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