non-custodial punishments

non-custodial punishments

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  • non-custodial — 1) ADJ: usu ADJ n If someone who has been found guilty of a crime or offence is given a non custodial sentence, their punishment does not involve going to prison. [FORMAL] ...non custodial punishments for minor criminals. 2) ADJ: ADJ n The non… …   English dictionary

  • non-custodial — non custōˈdial adjective (of a legal sentence) not involving imprisonment • • • Main Entry: ↑non * * * non custodial UK US adjective a non custodial punishment does not involve sending someone to prison a non custodial sentence Thesaurus:… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Custodial sentence — A custodial sentence is a judicial sentence, imposing a punishment (and hence the resulting punishment itself) consisting of mandatory custody of the convict, either in prison (incarceration) or in some other closed therapeutic and/or… …   Wikipedia

  • non·cus·to·di·al — /ˌnɑːnkəˈstoʊdijəl/ adj, always used before a noun law 1 : not living with your child or having the responsibility of caring for your child after a divorce, legal separation, etc. : not having custody a noncustodial parent 2 non custodial Brit :… …   Useful english dictionary

  • punishment — n. 1 the act or an instance of punishing; the condition of being punished. 2 the loss or suffering inflicted in this. 3 colloq. severe treatment or suffering. Etymology: ME f. AF & OF punissement f. punir * * * noun the act of punishing (Freq.… …   Useful english dictionary

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