Asclepiades Of Bithynia

▪ Greek physician

born 124 BC, Prusa, Bithynia [modern Bursa, Turkey]
died c. 40 BC, , Rome [Italy]

      Greek physician who established Greek medicine in Rome. His influence continued until Galen began to practice medicine in Rome in AD 164.

      He opposed the humoral doctrine of Hippocrates and instead taught that disease results from constricted or relaxed conditions of the solid particles, a doctrine derived from the atomic theory of the 5th-century philosopher Democritus. Asclepiades believed that harmony would be restored through fresh air, light, appropriate diet, hydrotherapy, massage, and exercise. A pioneer in the humane treatment of mental disorders (mental disorder), he had insane persons freed from confinement in the dark and treated them by using occupational therapy, music, soporifics (especially wine), and exercise.

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