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warm front

warm front
a transition zone between a mass of warm air and the colder air it is replacing.

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  • warm front — noun count the front edge of a mass of warm air that brings warm weather when it moves into an area. The front edge of a mass of cold air is called a cold front …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • warm front — n an expression used especially in weather reports meaning the front edge of a mass of warm air ≠ ↑cold front …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • warm front — noun the front of an advancing mass of warmer air • Hypernyms: ↑front * * * noun : the forward boundary of a warm air mass moving to replace a retreating cold air mass see front illustration * * * Meteorol. a transition zone between a mass of… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Warm front — A warm front is defined as the leading edge of an advancing mass of warm air; it separates warm air from the colder air ahead. Air masses are large bodies of air with similar properties of temperature and humidity that form over source regions,… …   Wikipedia

  • warm front — A front along which warm air replaces cold air. If the warm air mass progressively passes over ground previously covered by cold air, the front will be a warm front. As this front passes an observer, the heavy stratus type of clouds and any… …   Aviation dictionary

  • warm front — n. a warm front approaches; forms * * * forms a warm front approaches …   Combinatory dictionary

  • warm front — noun A warm front is the trailing edge of a retreating mass of cold air …   Wiktionary

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  • warm front — noun Date: 1921 an advancing edge of a warm air mass …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • warm front — line which divides between a cold region of wind and a warm region of wind which is approaching …   English contemporary dictionary