/kil"dear'/, n.
an American plover, Charadrius vociferus, having two black bands around the upper breast. Also called killdeer plover.
[1725-35, Amer.; imit.]

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Bird (Charadrius vociferus) that frequents grassy mudflats, pastures, and fields.

Its name is suggestive of its loud, insistent whistle. It is about 10 in. (25 cm) long and has a brown back, a white belly, and two black breast bands. Killdeers breed throughout North America and in northwestern South America. They migrate only to escape snow, returning before most songbirds. They eat beetles, grasshoppers, dragonflies, and other insects. To protect their young from predators, killdeers will feign injury and flutter awkwardly away from the nest, luring predators with the promise of an easy kill.

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      (Charadrius, sometimes Oxyechus, vociferus), American bird that frequents grassy mud flats, pastures, and fields. It belongs to the plover family of shorebirds (Charadriidae, order Charadriiformes). The killdeer's name is suggestive of its loud insistent whistle. The bird is about 25 centimetres (10 inches) long, with a brown back and a white belly, and it has two black breast bands (instead of one, as in other ringed plovers). In flight it shows a black and white wing pattern and a brown tail.

      Killdeers breed throughout North America and in northwestern South America (and a few regularly visit Iceland and western Europe). They migrate only to escape snow, returning in spring before most songbirds. Killdeers are the ecologic equivalent of the lapwings of Europe. They eat beetles, grasshoppers, dragonflies, and other insects.

      The nest is a scrape in the ground lined with pebbles. The male makes several such nests, and the female selects one of them. The eggs are four in number, grayish in colour, with black marks. The parents take turns incubating. Hatching takes place in 24 days. Both parents tend the chicks, which walk and feed themselves soon after hatching. Intruders are lured away from the nesting area by a “broken wing” distraction behaviour, in which a parent bird limps or flutters along the ground, appearing to be injured.

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