greedless, adj.greedsome, adj.
/greed/, n.
excessive or rapacious desire, esp. for wealth or possessions.
[1600-10; back formation from GREEDY]
Syn. avarice, avidity, cupidity, covetousness; voracity, ravenousness, rapacity. GREED, GREEDINESS denote an excessive, extreme desire for something, often more than one's proper share. GREED means avid desire for gain or wealth (unless some other application is indicated) and is definitely uncomplimentary in implication: His greed drove him to exploit his workers. GREEDINESS, when unqualified, suggests a craving for food; it may, however, be applied to all avid desires, and need not be always uncomplimentary: greediness for knowledge, fame, praise.
Ant. generosity.

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